Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catch-Up Volume 3

Martinosky Christmas was fast and furious this year.  We drove down Saturday(thankfully Ethan didn't get called into work...or it would have been the SUPER fast and SUPER furious;D) and came home Sunday.  But something is better than nothing, right?!? ;)

I didn't do the crazy picture frenzy as last year, but here are a few as proof that it did, in fact, go down in B-Town.
All the kids were LOVING uncle Ethan...
AND his phone games:D

My brother Clint's youngest.

My brother Jesse's youngest.

Just plain ol' cuteness.

Clint's oldest...
"Timed Out" a great deal.

Craig's youngest...
daddy's teachin' 'em the skills I see;D

All the boys.

Craig's 2, Jesse's 1, My 1, Craig's other 1, My other 1

Jesse's 1, My 2, Clint's 2, Craig's 1

Girls again.

How the kids must really feel at Christmas
navigating the path of adults:)

"She was back in the presents...AGAIN!!!"

Kids playing, football in the background, noise...lots
of noise, and food...lots of food.

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